On Room 237


Room 237Reviewed by John David EbertRodney Ascher's documentary film about Stanley Kubrick's 1980 masterpiece is an amusing, if insipid, attempt to make Kubrick's adaptation of The Shining "make sense." He calls on the wits of five exegetes … [Continue reading]

Midnight in Paris

Midnight In Paris Poster

by John LobellHave you noticed that quite a few recent movies use non-linear layered time? In 50 First Dates, a man romantically pursues a woman who has suffered a brain injury affecting her long-term memory. Each night she loses all of the … [Continue reading]

On The Hunger Games


The Hunger GamesReviewed by John LobellFirst, this is a discussion of the movie; I have not read the books. Second, I am going to exercise some laziness and, for those not familiar with the story line, quote from Wikipedia to get us up … [Continue reading]

On Immortals

Immortals, Mythology and Metaphysics A Review by Benton Rooks “…Myth remains the proper language of metaphysics.” –Ananda K. Coomaraswamy There are three essential layers and functions for any mythology: social, psychological and metaphysical … [Continue reading]

Source Code

Source Code: A Movie Reviewby John Lobell[Spoiler alert] In my comment posted after Ebert’s review on this site of Inception, I wrote: “Notice that we have been getting a lot of movies with a non-linear, layered time, and notice that (most) … [Continue reading]